They are uncurable, you have to unclear them all now USA corrupted from every corner (I look back and realized that after 9.11.2001 attacking, USA should ban any private and political trafffic from air and sea, should tearing down the entire stock market place, all US corporation must not be allowed to make profit any more, they must do all they can to keep the balance to 0 or unt 酒店經紀il run all cash to keep going on to starve all evil politicial and sucking public workers inside USA land. I am a second class slow US citizen, I can see this point now, there must be a best first class citizen can see this point long time ago at that time being, but their sucking coward US President Ge 術後面膜orge Bush junior showed earless eyeless to that Best First Class US citizen good point of view instead of bending to his sucking personal loyalty slave US enemy within Condi Rice low lower lowest suck to fall, can tell you how USA must have been corrupted from every corner after Reagon 8years + Bush senior 4years + Liar 租房子Bill Clinton 8 years + Bush junior 8 years to got the lair treason immoral 0bama couple <you cannot have the heart fully for your own under age kids, you have to be killed and go to hells not mention to have the shame to occupy any public office desk to suck, that how JFK must have to be killed in order to save USA national life. You don 酒店工作't kill your immoral President committed immoral crime like that, you have no right to demand any parents to care the kids with their whole heart, you have no right to demand any school teach to care the kids above their own life. You dare not nuclear the entire Continent of America, you have to be slaved@@You dare not do the duty to guard your self-defense 租屋網right to nuclear entire Mainland China and entire Continent of America, you must have to face the most miserable fire out of Holy Ghost tough love to make sure no more "Ugly Gray" get any space to roam@@ under their sucks, not if but when.> got the stick and path to show you how the entire America must be nucleared to melt down.), Latin America slaved (Like Western said "Give me 東森房屋free or give me death", you cannot free them all, you must do your duty to nuclear them all to give that land a clean deadly end.)all over, Mainland China following the low lower lowest forgot all Chinese good better best teaching, you have no way to deal with them(Because you have no way to deal with liars, Mainland Chinese full of plain liars worse than any mouse, not mention USA liar President Bill 代償Clinton and 0bama and USA liar President Bill Clinton's ass whore Hillary Clinton already unaccountable, not mention those under their controlled public office or politicians, they can abuse their public spy skill to steal your whatever ID any time any place any way as they like, you have no way to know any your own family member is real, any your company worker is real, you don't know any your boss is real, ask you 住商房屋rself, dare you not nuclear entire mouse full of Mainland China and the entire Continent of America when you know those mice can fly ship into your place? Not mention those human form occupy in Mainland China and the Continent of America worse than any mouse that hiding inside your soil. You have to nuclear Mainland China and the entire Continent of America, then, you can have the room to seal your border to make sure no lair can have the room to 房屋買賣 steal any your ID to fear your security and integrity.) , not mention to help anyone of them, you can only do your self-defense to help yourself by nuclear them all to make those lots disappearing out of your earth map, to help them keep the most available good remaining to go, to help the rest of the world from dragon down under their force. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 濾桶  .
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