CHAVEZ CALLS ON OBAMA TO FOLLOW PATH OF SOCIALISM George Lucas 'Fully Supports' Obama's Econ Approach, Capping Salaries for Bailout Execs, Higher Taxes for the Rich... CHAVEZ CALLS ON OBAMA TO FOLLOW PATH OF SOCIALISM Higher taxes, and socialism can only worsen the current corruption. There's no way you can rely on anyone who eat public tax payers money to help you to do better. You as customer cannot even buy your 房屋買賣GM car to help them to do better, how dare you think you can pay or buy any those failure sucking corruption politicians or public workers to help you to do better, they are not better than most of your house wife or mother, and your house wife and your home mother cannot even help you to do better, how dare you think those suckers who worse than your wife or your mother to help you t 買屋o do better? The right way is to hand out your entire land to your military force(You can always rely on your gun to kill any military member, you can have better sniper skill than any military member that offend your eyes and ears, that military member must be deserved to be killed by you. You fear to be killed <Every man and woman will die sooner or later, die under one good gun shot is the most merc 酒店兼職iful way to leave, therefore, you really don't need to fear to be killed under one good gun shot.> by any military member that mad at you, you can have all your right to hide inside your own place not to offend any ears and eyes of anyone of them), so that anyone like to work can work for your military force. So that entire picture of your nation can show in front of your eyes as : 1.Your military force is the maste 酒店兼職r of your nation. Your national land and space, and natural resource must not be allowed to become the tool for anyone to make selfish gain to get rich and famous. 2.Your elected or appointed governmenet(government members must not own house, must have to live in the public building or public condominium, or public apartment to make sure the rental house quality can be good enough to please their own eyes and ears, the same time can make sur 租辦公室e the public workers have all their time to focus service the public istead of wasting time energy money to show off their artificial sucking model house) is the manager of your nation. So that only those who like to work for your military or those who unselfishly like your military willing to do the public service. If no one willing to live in the public house to service you public free of charge, then, you just don't need to have any government to bother yo 褐藻醣膠u in any way. 3.You the people (citizen and civilian only) can have free house, free water, free electricity, free phone, free internet. Free basic needed clothing and food. So that you don't need to bend to anyone to compromise your principle to do any thing. 4.You like to do business, you like to build factory (so that if you work for GM, must because you really like to work, and if GM close down, you just back home to have the basic life need to live freely, then after you feel 租房子too bore to be the lazy bone, you can go to your military to see any second to the GM job you like to do instead of be the lazy bone wasting your talent and big muscle counting your number days waiting ahead for you.), you like to form whatever club, you need to rent your needed room and space from your government. From here, you start your Dollar bill bank account. Therefore, the Dollar bill must be made by military force instead of your sucking elected government. Therefore, in USA, military force mu 網路行銷st made by white man and black man (because only White man and Black man can be good slaves. That's why your military force must have right to own your entire national land to balance their slavey duty <That may explain how come your military force must be formed by man only. Because woman must not be slaved by anyone but her own kid. That may explain how come your military must have to respect your right to be lazy like mother must not be allowed to use force to force her own kid to do any thing for her.>; just like mo 酒店經紀ther must have to be the house master to balance be her own kid's slave duty.) ; the government must formed by black man and Chinese man (Because only black man can have the unselfish willing to service the public free of charge, only Chinese man can have the deep sight to see service the public free of charge the best way for every one.) ; the rest of you must either work for military force or isolated stay at your own place. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店經紀  .
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